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You have been married how many times?

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

The state we got married in doesn't govern our marriage, our state of mind does.

My bride and I remarry in a different state or country ever year, and as of this printing we have been married 23 times. For all the guys reading this, let me help you with the math, that’s 23 honeymoons! Why would you settle for having just one honeymoon? Seriously.

The simple truth is, the state you chose to get married in does not govern your marriage, your state of mind does. I learned that from Dr. Michael Beckwith and he is so right. For my bride and I, we are in one of two states continuously. We are either in a state of post honeymoon bliss (a great place to be) or we are in a state of planning another fun and unique wedding, minus all the stress. You see, after 23 weddings we no longer subscribe to the everything has to be perfect for my wedding mentality. We just know it’s going to fun, romanic and a huge blessing no matter what. In fact for our 22nd wedding in Vancouver B.C. rain was in the forecast (no surprise for anyone living in that part of the country, they average 200+ days of rain a year). We thought about changing the date until we realized, we had never been married in the rain before, it might actually be fun! We will always remember our first wedding in the rain.

You may be wondering why exactly we do this and the practical minded among you may also be wondering, how do we afford it?

Growing up happily ever after was not modeled in my home, how about you? In fact it wasn’t modeled anywhere within my experience of life. The only three options I ever saw were, married and miserable, divorced and desperate or single and cynical. However, I believed in something better, I wanted to live happily ever after and I knew it was out there somewhere.

What I finally realized was, it wasn’t a secret place to be discovered, rather it was a place to be created.

The tools I have create with are the same as yours- our actions, attitudes and mindsets. The bonus in this, is all the fantastic sex.

In the coming blogs my bride and I will share how we created the skills and tools to continue to create this fairy tale marriage that we enjoy. All while running successful businesses and homeschooling our children. Not to worry, I have not forgotten my earlier promise to the practical minded.

How exactly do we afford getting married every year in a different state or country? My first mentor Jim Rohn used to say, “ You can either find a way or find an excuse, it’s your choice.” We chose to find away, allow me to explain. When we first got married we were so broke we couldn’t afford to pay attention. It was during this financially challenging first year of marriage that we found ourselves sitting in a success seminar, the main theme was Dream Big. One of the speakers talked about a couple that every year on their anniversary, they had a party and got remarried. The second my bride heard this her face lit up and she looked at me and exclaimed, “Let’s do that, but let’s Dream Big and do it in a different state or country.” I felt trapped! How could I say no to my bride’s Big Dream? The simple fact was that we had $0.00 dollars in the bank. My mind flashed to the quote at the beginning of this paragraph, so I chose to focus on finding a way.

The best I could come up with was a wedding in Tijuana Mexcio, not exactly the wedding destination capital of the world, but at least it was something. As it turned out, God had a different plan for us, I didn’t know much about God back then, but I knew that prayer couldn’t hurt. Some call it luck or chance, but we believe in God’s favor and He blessed us that year, we ended up winning an all expense paid trip to Paris France for two weeks! Our first re-marriage was on our exact anniversary and get this, we did it at the Palace of Versailles! No offense to those in Tijuana but it was a massive upgrade.

You may be wondering if we have won trips every year since, that would be nice, but what we have discovered is, you can have an amazing marriage with no budget. Some of our weddings have been at a small empty country church with just us and a youth pastor. One year we got married at a friends ranch, my bride’s bouquet was made of peacock feathers as they had some peafowl on the property, so we didn't even have to pay for flowers. It’s all about having fun and being creative, no what what your budget is. Check out

for pictures from all our weddings and you can even see me with hair : ) As well as some fun videos.

Join the fun, Take Action and get your vow’s renewed this year, you will be so glad you did.

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