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Yes, you are good enough.

The greatest lie from the enemy has always been; you are not good enough. We know better yet the bad stuff always seems easier to believe. That’s what makes the lie so powerful in the first place, we believe there is some truth to it from our past experiences.

For example many women can relate with Cindy’s story. She is happily married, has 2.2 kids, a nice house, a dog and her husband is a successful entrepreneur. Like may of us Cindy came from a divorced home, which is the most fertile soil for the: "your not good enough" lie to grow and develop.

Cindy also lives in busy city in America, so over the past 30 years she has been exposed to millions of self imagine destroying messages from the beauty industry. T.V. commercials, magazine articles, billboards and bus stop ads all saying the same thing: you are not good enough! You are too fat, too short, too tall, too pale, too dark, too plain, too whatever, but no matter what, it’s not good enough, which is why you have to buy this product. If you hear a lie over and over, pretty soon you start to believe it.

Cindy also had a long courtship with her husband, he opted for the 5 year plus plan to marriage. By taking the delayed approach the unintended message he sent to Cindy was, you guess it, your not good enough. Because if she was good enough, he would have married her sooner. Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant, it’s true to Cindy and the damage is catastrophic as well as long lasting.

All of this adds up to a low self image for Cindy, exactly where the enemy wants people to be. The reason is, people with a low self image don’t want to change or grow, because it makes them wrong and makes them feel not good enough all over again. Do you see this vicious trap!

This is why when a couple comes to one of our breakthrough seminars, the man may be taking massive notes, excited to change, grow and take action on what he has learned, while his wife may be withdrawn and somewhat depressed. She is fighting the lie of your not good enough. She knows the skills and tools she has learned will help skyrocket the joy and passion in their marriage. Yet she is paralyzed by the lie of your not good enough so she is spiraling down while her husband is spiraling up. He can’t figure out what’s gotten into her and why there is so much resistance.

The reverse is also true in many homes, the wife maybe gung- ho on all she has learned from my bride at one of our life changing marriage events and the husband is chained to lie of: How come I’m never good enough for you?

The husband, let’s call him Carl may come from a home where mom and dad stayed married, however like most men, Carl has his father son issues to deal with. Carl’s dad was just like mine, a structural engineer by day finding all the faults in the airplane wings his company manufactured. When Carl’s dad got home at night he immediately went to finding faults in everything his son did, thinking he was helping him “improve.” The only thing Carl’s dad was doing was telling him over and over again; your not good enough.

Carl also lives in a busy American city and he has been exposed to millions of ads telling him he isn’t man enough unless he drinks this kind of beer, drives this kind of car or truck, wears this kind of watch. The product is irrelevant but the message is, unless you have this product and more of it, your not good enough. It’s all a giant lie! The only way to combat a lie is with the truth! With God you are good enough. You were made in his image, it doesn’t get better than that!

Join me and a special group of entrepreneurs that want to have Life to the Full and Grow Thrive and Revive! If your married I will personally underwrite the cost so you can bring your spouse for free. E-mail for more details.

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