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Wedding #24 a few days to go.

My bride and I are just a few days away from wedding # 24 in Puerto Vallarta, actually the next city over Nuevo Vallarta. We get remarried in a different state or country every year and we recently discovered that Mexico has over 30 states. This will be our third state in Mexico, last year we got remarried in Playa Del Carmen and it was glorious.

The coolest thing about getting remarried every year, other than the honeymoon : ) is the anticipation. Imagine if you got 50 yard line seats and field passes to the Super Bowl back in April. As each month went by you knew it was getting closer to the big game and so the excitement builds. Now as the regular season is winding down and the playoffs are coming it would be even more exciting.

This is what it's like for my bride and I, just this morning when we woke up, we both started to smile and said to each other: "we are getting married in a few days!". I have been blessed to go to a few Super Bowls, however it pales in comparison to getting married again.

The budget for this years wedding is actually pretty small, a whole lot less than Super Bowl tickets. No guests, just a private ceremony and a photographer or two. So many people dismiss the notion of getting remarried thinking it has to be a massive expenditure, it doesn't. LESS IS MORE. Simple is Better. Trust me.

After 23 weddings we have done it all, big, small, adventurous and simple. The real magic is in the anticipation, the ceremony is always glorious and filled with happy tears. I encourage you to enjoy the benefits of renewing your vows in 2019, be it big, small, simple or adventurous, you will be so glad you did.

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