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Real Love, Real Happiness

Yes, our real last name is Money but we didn't have much when we first got married. As well, Susan and I were raised in "normal dysfunctional families".

For these reasons, we committed to growing and changing in order to create something better for ourselves, as well as our future children. We realized that in order for things to change we had to change, in order for things to improve, like our finances and sex life, we had to improve. We took a deep dive together, attending over 100 seminars, reading countless books and listening to over ten thousand hours of audio content.  From there we took massive action and began to create a one of kind system for faith based married couples, to achieve new levels of ecstasy never thought possible, all while living happily ever after.


Along the way we have been blessed to author #1 Bestselling books and give keynote talks filled with living water for our audiences. Our story of happily ever after has traveled the world, from being the subject of national TV commercials, to a ray of sunshine in the form of a two page spread for the notoriously negative British Tabloids. Life is TREMENDOUS! And it can be that way for you too.


Join us in the happily ever after revolution.

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